Top Tips for Reading!

Class: Y2 - Miss Stupples Year: 2018 - 2019

Picture clues

If your child is unsure of a word or sentence they can look at the picture for a visual clue to help them work out what the word could be.




Sound it out

Encourage your child to sound out new words by segmenting the word into individual sounds e.g. when reading boat they would sound out    b-oa-t then blend it back together to read the full word boat.




Break it down

If your child is struggling to read a word get them to cover part of it with their finger and break it into smaller sections. Then put each section back together. E.g. football can be broken down into foot and ball.




Check for sense

Re reading the sentence is a good way to check if a word makes sense in the sentence. If your child is struggling with a particular word they can read the full sentence and see if they can decipher what the word was using the context of the whole sentence.


Comprehension of the text

It will help your child’s comprehension skills if you ask them questions about the pages that they have read to you. Get them to show you in the text how they knew the answer. Examples of the types of questions you could ask:

Tell me three things about the main character.

What did Kipper do that made Chip sad?

How was Zog feeling when he couldn’t fly?

Tell me three facts about dinosaur fossils.


Year 2 children:

When you ask your child a comprehension question, ask them to write their answers down. (They could do this in their home reading diary).

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