The intention of the Maths curriculum at Northway Primary is to engage all children with the subject and build their confidence as mathematicians, resulting in them being able to apply what they have learnt independently. Fundamentally, we want our pupils to have a secure understanding of number, be able to use efficient methods to calculate and use mathematical reasoning when problem solving. The curriculum is designed to teach the knowledge and skills required before allowing plenty of opportunity to practise these and promote joined up thinking.

As a mixed-aged class school it is vital that we work within teams to carefully sequence and structure the curriculum to ensure the key learning objectives from each year group are delivered thoroughly. We teach the essential skills and purposely plan in time to practise them in different contexts to ensure they are secure. Allowing this time to deepen their understanding is important for progress to take place year on year.

A whole school focus is the teaching, rehearsal and application of place value and number facts, at an age appropriate level. Many of the gaps in children’s understanding are because of their limited ability to recall and apply these.

All staff understand and value the importance of the concrete, pictoral and abstract/written learning process for Maths. Children often begin learning about new mathematical concepts with physical resources, before establishing ways of pictorially and formally representing their understanding.

At Northway, we continually share best practise across the school, access local training and moderation opportunities and maximise the information that assessments provide us with. All of this feeds back directly into the strategic decisions we make for the Maths curriculum as well as into teacher’s planning.


By the end of EYFS our pupils will have experienced Maths primarily through the use of practical resources and engaging tasks. The focus is on understanding the value of numbers and how they are related to one another. They will be able to represent numbers in different ways and begin to perform simple calculation through manipulation of resources.


During Key Stage 1 the curriculum builds on pupils’ understanding of number by exploring place value and number bonds. Time is purposely planned into the curriculum to rehearse this fundamental knowledge so that it can be recalled quickly and used accurately. By the end of this key stage children will have experienced all of the four operations in Maths and have begun to understand the related vocabulary.

Lower KS2

By the end of Lower Key Stage 2 the children will have moved on to using formal written methods for all calculations. Rehearsal of recalling number bonds continues throughout the year and times tables are taught and practised regularly. They are able to use a varied vocabulary for each operation and are taught how to interpret problems in different contexts.

Upper KS2

Our aim for the end of Key Stage 2 is for all children to be fluent mathematicians who can use their understanding to reason and think logically. During Upper Juniors we teach children how to interpret questions and to solve problems using what they already know. Formal written methods for calculation are secured and broadened.

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