At Northway, the children have the opportunity to participate in a wide range of sporting activities. From Reception to Year 6, pupils take part in a variety of activities that are aimed to develop and improve their skills in both team events and individual sports. Whether it be swimming, hockey or gymnastics, children of all ages get the opportunity to learn new skills, develop competitive spirit and enhance vital teambuilding skills.

The government has provided all schools with funding to improve Physical Education and sport in primary schools and we have used our funding across a range of areas to ensure that pupils of all abilities and year groups benefit. In previous years, this funding has been used in partnership with our local high school and, through this, pupils were coached by specialist PE teachers and staff were provided with further training to develop their curriculum knowledge in line with the National Curriculum. This year, a significant proportion of the funding will be spent on improving the provision of Dance across the school. We are working with a Dance specialist who is delivering personalised CPD to all teachers across the school. She is working with each class for half term to further improve the quality dance work we offer and support teachers in their planning of high quality dance.  

In addition to the money spent on the specialist dance teaching, a proprotion of the funding the school receives will be spent on offering subsidies for pupils to attend extracurricular sports clubs led by professional coaches. With the school paying a percentage of the amount charged by specialist coaches, the aim is to increase pupil participation in physical activity outside of the taught curriculum. To further motivate pupils to participate in extracurricular activities, some of the sports funding will be used to sign the school up to the Children’s University, a scheme in which pupils gain credits by taking part in extracurricular activities and graduate at the end of Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 providing they have gained enough credits.

Throughout the year, pupils are given the opportunities to take part in a range of extracurricular activities, ranging from football clubs to dance groups to yoga classes. Children are also encouraged to join teams and get involved in clubs which compete against other primary schools, such as the football team who take part in various competitions. Furthermore, Northway pupils regularly attend MADCOS events at other schools, such as the multi-sports and orienteering days at the local high school, and a proportion of the sports funding will be used to transport the pupils to inter-school events. The school will also continue to update the equipment and resources available, ensuring that the children have a wide range of sports equipment to use both in lessons and when out on the playground to develop their skills. As a school, we endeavour to provide all children with the opportunity to learn and develop new skills so that their confidence and their attitude towards Physical Education improves along with their skills.



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