At Northway we have an active school council who meet weekly to discuss projects and improvements for the school. Every September, each class from Y2 to Y6 vote for their school council members. All Key Stage Two classes hold elections and our council members are elected democratically. 

School Council 2019-2020






Meet our fanatstic school council!

School Council presents...

Come Plant With Us!


Doing our part for the environment, improving our school and bringing community spirit to our school!


Anti Bullying Week 2019

School Council planned a great week to raise awareness around positive behaviour and making small changes that will have a big impact. The initiatives that you planned are going to be used across the year. Well done for taking part in our launch assembly and for promoting Northway values across our school.

Christmas Jumper Colouring Competition

School Council came up with a fanatstic idea to raise money for wet playtime games. Here they are busy sorting the entries!

Random Acts of Kindness

School Council are hard at work, creating kindness posters and thinking of ideas for our 'Random Acts of Kindness' week. You had some fantastic ideas to share with your class.

Random Acts of Kindness Week


This week, School Council has set everyone on a mission to be kind to themselves and others.

Everyone has been given a heart with a name on it from someone in their class. They have to think of as many ways that they can to be kind to this person. On Friday they will be asked who they think their kindness giver was! If they guess the right person, then they have achieved their mission!

We are also looking at ways to be kind to ourselves through regular exercise, healthy eating and finding time to relax!

We have been out and about spotting random acts of kindness!

Fundraising success!

Our delivery of wet play games arrived today! Thank you to everyone that supported our jumper competition! Happy gaming!

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