Fabulous Flapdoodles Visit Year 2

Lesson: English

Class: Y2 - Mr Wright Year: 2021 - 2022

After reading The Fabulous Flapdoodles by Chae Strathie in our English lessons, we were shocked to find that they had visited our classroom this week! As we came into school, we noticed that the clock had been turned upside down, they had stolen some of Mr Wright's socks, trophies had been placed on top of the heater, the school football kit was all over the floor and they had written messages all over the board and windows! We wanted to tell Mrs McKenzie all about it so we wrote her a letter and the writing we produced was brilliant! We punctuated our sentences correctly, included some fantastic adjectives and used conjunctions to join our sentences together. We even included some questions in our writing which is something we have been learning to do this week. All of the children proudly presented their letters to Mrs McKenzie and she was extremely impressed with them. Well done Year 2! 

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