Junior Achievement Cup

This person has had a fantastic first term in Key Stage 2, really settling in well and coping wonderfully with all of the different changes.

They have worked hard in all lessons and really try their very best, even when faced with things that they find particularly difficult. They always come into school with a positive attitude and a smile on their face, ready to learn and challenge themselves.

They are a good friend to everyone around and are particularly sensitive to the needs of others, always wanting to look after people when they are hurt or upset.

They have made good progress in all lessons because of their attitude, perseverance and resilience towards their learning.

This person was a particularly wonderful cook during the Christmas performance bringing lots of her personality to the role.

She is a great asset to her class and we are all proud to have her as a member of the Northway family.

Well done to the Junior Achievement Cup winner, December 2019.

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