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My name is Mrs Crellin and I am the Nursery Teacher here at Northway Primary.  I work alongside teaching assistant, Miss Gill who helps support our class.  I am also responsible for ensuring that British Values are celebrated and incorporated into all aspects of the primary curriculum.    

From a very young age I have always wanted to work with children. I have been a member of the teaching staff at Northway since 2011.  Before this, I taught at another school in Sefton for children with Special Educational Needs.  I attended Northway as a child and feel privileged to be a part of the children’s lives at such a crucial stage in their development.  My aim as the class teacher is to ensure that the children leave nursery with secure basic skills for life, happy memories of fun times shared and a love of learning.  

Week Beginning 25.05.20 

Home learning activities will be back on Monday 1st June.  Until then, enjoy the half term break.  Remember to stay safe, be kind and helpful to everyone in your home.

Week Beginning 17.05.20  

This week we are looking at the letter sound 't.' 

See if you can find objects around your house or outdoors that begin with this sound.  


........ table




Notice how when you say the sound 't' your mouth is open slightly and  your tongue rests behind your front teeth.  Then air is forced through your mouth to create a hissing sound…… t t t t t t t t t t t t  


Have a look in the mirror as you create this sound.

Is it a quiet or noisy sound?


Watch the video on you tube to help you.

Have a go at the letter 't' booklet. Click on the documents ‘Letter t workbook' on the download section of our class page.  

Watch how Geraldine the Giraffe learns the sound too!  

“So off she went around the house to find something beginning with t”


This week we are going to practise counting objects that cannot be moved.  Have a go with your grown up counting the under the sea creatures on the 'Under the Sea Number' counting worksheet. Try the colouring one too!

Bedtime Story by Mrs Crellin

Owl Babies by Martin Wadell . 

Watch the video below and join in the repeated refrains........... 'I want my mummy.'  Colour in the picture of the baby owls.  Click on the document ‘Owl Colouring’ on the download section of our class page.             

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