Y1 & Y2 Curriculum


Pupils in Y1 & Y2 experience a stimulating and engaging curriculum. They build on the skills they have learnt in EYFS and continue to develop their independence. Teachers plan future topics based on pupil interests and knowledge of the topics that promote the highest engagement. Teachers promote resilience, curiosity and independence within the curriculum as they secure the basic skills and develop pupil’s love of learning. All of the subjects are based around a particular theme to deepen the children’s understanding and make learning relevant to them and their experiences. Skills are developed and consolidated across a broad and balanced curriculum. 

English in Y1 & Y2

In Y1 & Y2 we continue to introduce the children to a range of significant authors and we study a range of genres. We inspire a love of reading by carefully selecting texts that will engage the pupils and stimulate quality writing. When looking at a various short and longer texts, we explore the themes in depth, developing a better understanding of the characters, settings and features of the genres. The children read, listen to and discuss texts ranging from traditional tales to classic poetry, ensuring that they have experience of a variety of texts. The texts used are chosen based on the theme that the children are learning about within other areas of the curriculum and these compliment the topic work that the children are studying, deepening their knowledge as a result.

The texts that we study support cross-curricular learning across the subjects. This year we will be studying texts linked to…

Rosies Hat by Julia Donaldson

Peter Pan by James M Barry

The Dragon Machine by Helen Ward

Cinderella by Charles Perrault

The Night the toys came to life by Enid Blyton

Nims Island by Wendy Orr

Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll

Various Traditional tales such as… The Gingerbread Man, Hansel and Gretel and Rumpelstiltskin

Various books by Alan Ahlberg

In addition to our English lessons, the children take part in reading sessions in which we adopt the reciprocal reading approach. Each class also reads a class novel together so that the children are able to enjoy reading extended texts.

The discreet teaching of phonics is paramount to our teaching and feeds directly into the children’s writing process. The children in Year 1 take part in Letters & Sounds phonics lessons and the pupils in Year 2 take part in the Read, Write Inc. spelling programme, participating in four half-hour sessions each week.

Maths in Y1 & Y2

Our maths curriculum is underpinned by practical resources to support the depth of the children’s understanding. Each area of maths is taught through practical tasks and each concept is revisited throughout the year in order to ensure that the children have a deep and thorough understanding of the key skills in maths. Number, place value and calculation are the primary focus throughout the year and they are encouraged to apply the skills they have learnt in a range of contexts. We ensure that mathematical connections are highlighted and discretly planned for.

Science in Y1 & Y2

We inspire awe and wonder throughout our science curriculum by providing opportunities for the children to learn through investigation. We encourage critical thinking and independent learning in all the tasks that the pupils carry out. We have taken all of the skills required to become a competent scientist and designed a curriculum around this. Each topic studied throughout the year is linked to a famous scientist or inventor to inspire the children.

This year we are learning about:

Animals including Humans

Everyday materials and their properties

Working Scientifically    

Living things and habitats

Plants (Identifying and classifying)

Computing in Y1 & Y2

We equip our children for the ever changing world of technology by teaching innovative and tranferable computing skills across the curriculum. Skills such as programming, creating multimedia presentations and using technology to organise and present, are all part of our curriculum. A strong emphasis is placed on online safety.


Knowledge & Understanding in Y1 & Y2

We have carefully designed our curriculum to have meaningful links made across all subject areas to maximise learning opportunities. We have taken the key skills from the curriculum and planned progressive and engaging lessons. British Values, Rights Respecting Schools, eSafety and Eco work are woven into the curriculum to ensure that we are developing young citizens for tomorrow’s challenges.

These are our topics for this year:



The Victorians

An Island Home


Great Britain

Creativity in Y1 & Y2

Creativity is celebrated across KS1. Individual response and unique design is encouraged as the children learn new skills. All learning is centred around the main theme for the term so that the children are able to fully engage with each topic. Pupil surveys and feedback have been used to create learning opportunities for children to enjoy and succeed in.  

This year we will be learning about:




Drawing and painting




Victorian pattern:


Key artist:

William Morris


Oaxaca art:

Sculpting and painting





Making toys:

Mechanisms – sliders and leavers.



Island homes:

Structures and free standing structures.


British Tea Party:

Cooking and nutrition




Gymnastics – flight, rolling, rocking


Games- travelling with a ball – Hockey

OAA (Deyes)



Games – throwing & catching, striking a ball.

(netball / football)

Dance –Island home/ country dancing

Games – revisit & refine




Athletics /

Sports day





Celebration- Harvest (Singing)


Performing – Christmas Play (Singing)



Victorian music (children compose their own piece thinking about tempo etc)

Weather Music (children composing a piece with a focus on tempo/dynamics).


Music from another culture


Rap! Different genre, children identify the elements and music and compare songs)









RE & PSHE in Y1 & Y2

Citizenship is at the heart of all our teaching at Northway. From the very start of our school we promote the importance of self esteem, positive mental attitudes, resilience, perseverance and the ability to celebrate our success and learn from our failures. Our PSHE and RE curriculum has the British Values embedded into lessons that we teach and pupil well being is carefully discussed.

This year in RE we will be looking at:


Symbols/New life



This year, in our PSHE lessons, we will be learning about:

Health and well-being


Living in the wider world



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