Y3 & Y4 Curriculum


Pupils in Y3 & Y4 experience a broad and balanced curriculum. They build on the skills they have learnt in KS1 and continue to develop their independence. Pupils work with teachers to evaluate their lessons and they complete surveys to help the teachers plan future topics. This motivates our learners as they are invested in the topics from the start.

English in Y3 & Y4

In Y3 & Y4 we continue to introduce the children to new and exciting authors. We develop their love of reading as they are becoming more fluent and able to read longer texts. We promote a love of reading and are passionate about how this love of reading can develop the children's writing skills. By emersing our children in high quality texts, they really gain an understanding of how writing is structured and consider why authors write in the way they do. Because of this our English curriculum is designed around the study of quality novels. Some novels also compliment the topic work for the term which means the children can develop their knowledge further, leading to high quality pieces of cross-curricular writing due to a deepened understanding.

This year we will be reading these novels:

Diary of a Killer Cat & Saving Miss Mirrabelle by Anne Fine

Stone Age Boy by Satoshi Kilamura

Matilda by Roald Dahl

North American Myths & Legends

The Green Book by Jill Paton-Walsh

A Midsummer Night's Dream by William Shakespeare

Alongside these novels, the children will also look at different types of poetry and non-fiction writing that link to the main novels. We use all different types of writing as models for the children, highlighting the features. We call these WAGOLLs - What A Good One Looks Like!

In addition to our English lessons, the children take part in whole class reading lessons based on different texts, three times per week. We use the reciprocal reading approach in these sessions, along with other teaching strategies, to teach the skills of reading.

Spelling and handwriting continue to be a focus in Y3 & Y4. Most of our children take part in the Read, Write Inc spelling programme in which children have a 15-20mins daily spelling lesson appropriate to their age and ability to ensure they have secured their sounds and age appropraite word lists from the National Curriculum. This builds on the Letters & Sounds explicit phonics teaching they completed in KS1.

Maths in Y3 & Y4

Our maths curriculum is a fun and engaging one which centres on children being secure in the basic skills of number & calculation and then being able to apply this to a range of problem-solving situations. Our aim is for all of our children to be fluent mathematicians who can use their understanding to reason and think logically. In Y3 & Y4 children work to secure their times tables’ knowledge and are also introduced to the formal methods of calculation. We continue to use concrete maths equipment to teach calculation and number concepts to children so they understand the concept before moving onto recording it in a more abstract way.

Science in Y3 & Y4

Our children are keen to learn about the world around them so our science curriculum is designed to build their working scientifically skills. We weave knowledge with investigation as well as teaching children about real-life scientists that work with the fields we are learning about.

This year we are learning about:

Our Brilliant Body      Healthy Teeth & Eating      Forces & Magnets        Plants      


Knowledge & Understanding in Y3 & Y4

The main themes of our topics come from the history & geography National Curriculum. There are meaningful links made across other subject areas to maximise learning opportunities and links to our British Values, Rights Respecting Schools, eSafety and Eco work are made wherever possible. This allows us to reinforce key messages in all aspects of our teaching. Our topic work is skills focused and in our lessons we aim to develop the key skills of a historian & geographer.

These are our topics for this year:

                The Stone Age to the Iron Age                                North America                        Anglo-Saxons to the Vikings


Creativity in Y3 & Y4

Wherever possible, we link our creative subjects of art, design & technology & music to our Knowledge & Understanding topics. This ensures the children deepen their understanding of the topic by exploring both the humanities aspects and creative aspects of the topic. In addition, we study different artists, composers and architects from around the world to give the children a rich appreciation of the world around them and encourage them to discuss and critique important pieces of art, music & design. Just like our other curriculum areas, we focus on skills and build on those developed in the younger years, ensuring progression.

This year we will be learning about:





Christmas Products



Ted Harrison




Around the World Picnic



Puppet Theatres

Structures & Frames



Enterprise Project












Mamma Mia

Music from other cultures

Musical Minds – Learn the ukulele

Each class has one term teaching

Composition –

Stories through music

Hall of the Mountain King (Grieg)

Night on a bald mountain (Mussorgsky)

RE & PSHE in Y3 & Y4

At Northway, the whole child is at the centre of all we do and we continue to develop each child's understanding of themselves and the world around them. Part of this work comes from our PSHE and RE curriculum. We give children the opportunities to learn about themselves and others through our explicit curriculum which is enhanced by our weekly class Circle Time activities. This time is dedicated to talking and listening in which children explore issues they face at home, school or questions they have about the wider world.

This year, in our RE lessons, we will be learning about:

Places of worship & symbols in Hinduism          Gospels & Festivals in Christanity        

Places of worship & symbols in  Islam

This year, in our PSHE lessons, we will be learning about:

All about me         Friendships      Relationships


French in Y3 & Y4

The children start to learn French in Y3 and continue to build on this in Y4. We begin with basic introductions and move onto questions and answers. The children learn to talk about themselves in French and begin to build up a bank of vocabulary linked to animals, ourselves, countries of the world etc.

We use a range of teaching strategies to teach French and children are taught to write basic French phrases and sentences. They are also developing their ability to read French independently. We use incidental French in other lessons, giving basic instructions or introductions in French to reinforce key vocabulary.


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