wb 25.1.21 Y3 Home Learning

School Closure 

Daily Home Learning Plan   

Please remember to keep any work that you complete at home and bring it back to school when you return. 

Now that school is going to be closed again, we don’t want you to stop learning! It is really important that you carry on practising your basic skills and keep your creative juices flowing! 

Below is a list of ideas for things you can do when you should be in school. We will update our class page each week with some new ideas to keep you ticking over.    

 Check out the document downloads below because there will be some helpful documents for you to look at.  

Please remember to keep any work that you complete at home and bring it back to school when you return. 


This week’s inspiration: 

Week beginning: Monday 25th January 

English:   This week, you are going to be looking at a picture book called ‘Leon and the Place Between’.  You will start off looking at the vocabulary that the author has used and explain what is meant by certain words and phrases.  You will also look at the rules of speech and show your understanding by writing some dialogue between characters. You will think about what the atmosphere is like at a circus and plan and write a descriptive piece of writing.  Finally, you will look at different sentence types and you will practise using a range of conjunctions to link clauses. For lesson 3 you will need to click this link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EA6apQpDvWc.

We have uploaded a copy of the book that we will be using, but PLEASE DON'T READ AHEAD, as this will spoil your activities for this week and for next. Just like in class, we like to keep you in suspense, so please only look at the pages you need for each lesson!

Your  English teacher feedback task for this week is to send us your descriptive writing of the atmosphere in the circus. Ask an adult to email it, or a photo of your work, to your class teacher by Friday. Your teacher will then read it and provide you with some feedback on your work by the following Tuesday. 



Keep learning and revising all the Y3 and 4 Words. These are attached below.  

You can also use a dictionary to find definitions of your spellings and write them in sentences.  

The words in bold are common exception words that do not follow a spelling pattern but must be learnt.     

This week’s spellings are: 










Maths:  . 

When you come to do your arithmetic session, remember to use the calculation videos to help you to answer each question and use the correct method. Consider whether you should be using a written or mental method to answer the question. 

If there are any that you find tricky, move on and come back to them later. You will be sending me this booklet for your feedback task, so if there are any that you can’t do, I will be able to see that and give you some advice in your weekly feedback email. 

This week’s focus for Year 3 is: Money 

Your Maths Teacher Feedback Task is to send me a copy/photo of your arithmetic booklet. 

Y3 Maths Lesson 1 Convert Pounds and Pence 


Y3 Maths Lesson 2 Add Money 


Y3 Maths Lesson 3 Subtract Money 


Y3 Maths Lesson 4 Give Change 

Please see the video embedded at the bottom of this page 

Y3 Maths Lesson 5 Arithmetic 

Please see the video embedded at the bottom of this page 


We would also like you all to complete three Garage games and one Sound Check each day on TTR. Once you have completed these, feel free to complete further activities and games! Remember to go on Doodle Maths regularly: try to do ‘little and often’ and stay in the green zone! Use Doodle Tables to help you to master the tables that you find tricky.  

We have set up a TTR 'Battle of the bands' between all three of the Lower Junior classes. The winners will be crowned at 3pm on Friday! Every correct answer in any game is worth 1 point towards your team's score. You can track your team's progress when you log in to TTR. 


Parents, please remember – do what you can and what is appropriate for your child!   


Science: Your task this week is all about friction and looking at the footprints/treads of different shoes and stating which you think will have the best friction and grip, and why. 

Geography:  Following on from last week’s learning about European mountain ranges, your task is to find out which is the highest mountain peak in each of the mountain ranges you located last week: 

  • The Pyrenees 

  • The Alps 

  • The Apennines  

  • The Caucasus Mountains  

  • The Balkan Mountains 

DT: We are now going to start planning our DT project of a picnic and your task is to list different foods that you might take to a picnic. 

Mindfulness: Yoga – use the yoga cards and work through the poses.  Take some time out for your body and your mind. 



We have included a reminder for all juniors of how to access the pupil area of the website. Click on this link to watch it. We look forward to hearing from you soon!  


Login to the pupil section of the website using your username and password in your home-reading record. It will ask for the school verification code so enter this: 449703  

You will find a discussion this week called Science – Rubbings. Use this discussion to talk to your classmates and myself. Try to have a go at some yourself and share the images you create as part of your discussion – see if your friends can guess what your rubbing is of! 


Reading -Please read with your child, regardless of their ability, at least twice per week and sign their home-reading record. Your child will need their reading book each day as we have Accelerated Reading sessions everyday. 

Children have access to an online library of books at their current ZPD:  


Children have their username and login in their reading record. They can use MyOn to quiz on books they have read online.   

To quiz on their school reading book, use our school’s AR site:  


Children can also check if a book they have read from home has a quiz attached to it using the following website:  


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