Swimming is a key part of the National Curriculum for PE. At Northway, the children from Y3 to Y6 swim for half a term each, which on average equates for six weeks of swimming per year. The children are taken, by bus, to the Meadows Pool which is located next to Maghull Town Hall. 

They take part in a 30 minute lesson each week and are taught by a swimming instuctor and/or their class teacher. All children are assessed in swimming and receive certificates for their achievements. 


Achievement in Swimming 2019/20

In the autumn term 2019, the Y6 cohort of 43 pupils undertook their swimming lessons. 


% of Y6 who swam competently, confidently and proficently over a distance of 25m         89%           
% of Y6 who can use a range of strokes effectively

10m front & back only - 95%                                 

25m front & back only - 86%


25m front, back & breast -  64%                                                                                                                                      

% of Y6 who perform safe, self-rescue in different water based situations

Tread water & collect brick - 86%        

Collecting brick only - 98%

Treading water only - 86%


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