The staff at Northway are always keen to help and support you in whatever way they can. Please contact us via the school office. 

  Northway Community Primary School

Staffing 2017-2018


Mrs R Gill                        Headteacher

Mrs K McGhee               Deputy Headteacher

                                      KS2 lead teacher

Mrs J Crellin                  Nursery Teacher

Mrs R Harrison              EYFS/KS1 lead teacher

                                      Reception Class Teacher

Miss S Veney                Reception Class Teacher (on maternity leave - covered by Miss Harris)

Mrs J Phillips                 Year 1 Class Teacher (on maternity leave - covered by Miss Jones)

Mr T Wright                    Year 1 / 2 Class teacher

Miss S Stupples             Year 2 Class Teacher

Mrs E O'Connor &          Year 3 Class Teacher

Mrs Shimmin                      

Mrs L Sumner                Year 3 /4 Class Teacher

Mrs K Catlin                    Year 4 Class Teacher

Mrs L Farrington             Year 5 Class Teacher

Mrs R Collins                  Year 5/6 Class Teacher

Miss S Finnigan              Year 6 Class Teacher


Miss V Gill                      NNEB Nursery 

Mrs L Woledge             Teaching Assistant (Nursery)

Mrs A Kay                     Teaching Assistant (Rec)

Mrs S Stewart               Teaching Assistant (Rec)

Miss S Gill                     Teaching Assistant (Rec)

Mrs C Clare                    Teaching Assistant (KS1)

Mrs H Mather                 Teaching Assistant (KS1)

Mrs C Ward                    Teaching Assistant (KS1)

Mrs E Lloyd                    Teaching Assistant (KS1)

Mrs G Low                      Teaching Assistant (KS2)

Mrs J Hickey                  Teaching Assistant (KS2)

Mr D Ray                       Teaching Assistant (KS2)

Mrs J Whittall                 Teaching Assistant (KS2)

Mrs L Maurer                  Teaching Assistant (KS2)

Mrs J Hennessey            Teaching Assistant (KS2)


Mrs C Booth                    Bursar

Mrs C Fellows                 Admin Assistant

Mr R Doyle                      Site Manager



Mrs G Heatman                Breakfast Club Manager

Ms W Jones                     Breakfast Club Worker


Mr S Dart                       Network Manager


Ms W Jones                   Welfare Assistant

Mrs G Heatman              Welfare Assistant

Mrs S Greenwood            Welfare Assistant

Mrs J Cross                    Welfare Assistant

Mrs J Hennessey             Welfare Assistant

Ms C Beattie                   Welfare Assistant

Mrs I White                     Welfare Assistant


Mrs S Greenwood           Cleaner

Mrs P Steers                  Cleaner

Mrs H Cranny                 Cleaner

Mrs J Taylor                   Cleaner



Contact the School

Northway Primary School

Dodds Lane
L31 9AA

Main Contact: Mrs C Booth

Tel: 0151-526-2565
Fax: 0151-526-6303