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School Council  

At Northway we have an active school council who meet weekly to discuss projects and improvements for the school. Every September, each class from Y2 to Y6 vote for their school council members. All Key Stage Two classes hold elections and the candidates are proposed, seconded and then the speeches begin!

Each candidate delivers a speech to their class, explaining what they would bring to the council and offer suggestions as to how to improve the school. Following this exciting time, all classes hold a democratic vote and the winners of each election are announced. The children thoroughly enjoy this election and it gives them an understanding of the importance of the British Value of democracy. 

School Council


Sponsored Read

School Council launched the sponsored read event with the rep from Usborne  Books. Remember, the more money we raise, the more free books we receive!

School Council have been planning and preparing for a sponsored read for everyone to enjoy. They have been busy making posters, bookmarks and certificates in preparation for the launch!

British Values

School Council looked at the results of the British Values survey and felt pleased with pupils understanding of fairness and equality. School Council decided that assemblies are one of the most important times to deliver key messages because lots of pupils spoke about things that they had heard in assemblies whilst completing the survey. They want to deliver an assembly to the whole school refreshing our understanding of equality and fairness and the importance of the British Values. Great ideas were shared in our meeting today and some great ideas for acting, to explain the British Values through mini sketches.

Keep up the hard work, you are having a fantastic impact on the ethos of our school!


British Values Survey

School Council were busy this week carrying out the surveys that they have designed. We wanted to see how much pupils understood about the British Values. The results are in... watch this space!


Our New Year's Gift to the School

School Council asked their classmates what they would like to improve and enhance our school. They took down all of the ideas and brought them to school council. Then they looked through the sports catalogues to see which items they could afford to get. They discussed which items were value for money. We felt so excited today when our delivery arrived! Happy New Year, here are some gifts from the School Council, for you to enjoy!

Mission Three

Well done School Council, anti-bullying week was a huge success! A lot of fantastic work around 'Choosing respect' was carried out this week. You also came up with a great idea to help us to remember the lessons that we learnt during this week. Each child designed and made a 'RESPECT PEBBLE', that we have now placed somewhere in the school grounds, to act as a constant reminder of the values that we want to nuture and grow. We had so much fun taking part in 'The Great Pebble Hunt' in our school teams. We all worked in teams to find the pebbles and we saw everyone 'choosing respect' as they completed their mission together!

Mission Two

The school council have been working hard on their missions leading up to anti-bullying week. You started with creating exciting ideas for the week. You made some fantastic posters to promote the activities. You went on a secret mission looking for pupils and staff showing resepect around the school and used the photos and information you gathered in circle time to create a fantastic whole school assembly.


The odd sock day was a great idea to highlight the fact that we are all individuals. We had lots of discussions about showing respect to people, whether they are very similar or very different to us. All of the discussions indicated that we really value and embrace our unique personalites, values and beliefs.

Mission 0ne

You went back to your class to find out about the strengths and challenges of your new year group, you also asked for ideas for us to work on this year. The strengths that you fed back are just incredible, clearly you have all had a fanatastic start to the new academic year!

Here are just few...

  • Lots of new friends
  • Loads of choice for after school clubs
  • Getting better at handwriting
  • Liked the book fair
  • Learning in Year 3 is really fun and good
  • The friendship stop is working and we feel happy on the new junior playground (Y3)
  • We are feeling better about going home on our own through the gate
  • We feel safe in our school community
  • We like mixing with new children in the year 3 and 4 class
  • We like learning French
  • Interesting maths in Y5/6
  • Making smoothies was fun
  • Reading the book ‘WONDER’ last year was great and we have a new one now
  • Drama club is fun
  • The trip to Liverpool was brilliant
  • We love science investigations, we do loads of experiments and tasks
  • We like baking
  • We like swimming
  • We like acting outShakespeare plays
  • Models- we loved building things
  • We’ve noticed everyone is getting even kinder and treating each other like they want to be treated
  • People are not missing opportunities to make friends
  • No one has been unkind in our class at all (Y4)
  • Everyone is being themselves- no one needs to worry about people not liking them
  • People are sharing and listening more
  • More talk about us being equal and special

You described some challenges and we will discuss them in the next staff meeting...

  • Maths is challenging because we are learning new methods
  • English is challenging because we are writing a story called  ‘Saving Mrs Gill’ based on a story written by Anne Fine, but it's really funny
  • Drawing with charcoal is difficult but really enjoyable

But for every challenge you described, you told us about how you have been supported and that you like to be challenged! Great resilience!

Here are some of your requests...

We will work on these this year!



Meet the new school council for 2018-19...


Congratulations, you are now representing all of your friends ideas and opinions here at Northway!

Welcome back to the new academic year! Each class is busy voting for their School Council Representative!

The new School Council will jump staight in with their first mission, promoting Anti- Bullying week, 'We Choose Respect'.

R E S P E C T find out what it means to Northway!



Northway Primary School

Our School Council


World Cup T-Shirt Competition

The School Council designed a T-shirt competition for all children to take part in. All the proceeds have gone toward the prizes and some snacks for the whole school to have during our World Cup Celebration on Friday! Great fund raising idea School Council! We will reveal the winners on Friday afternoon. 


Take a look at Issue 2 of the School Council Newspaper!


In our quest to support pupil well-being, we have created our very own newspaper full of facts. In each issue we will publish your thoughts/ideas about how to live a healthy lifestyle. Take a look at Issue 1! (See full size version in the downloads)

School council have been thinking about the well-being of themselves and their peers.

We have been busy talking to our classes about resilience this term. We have listened to their responses, now we are creating posters to support resilient thinking and attitudes in our classes. Being resilient is important for our well-being, so we have thought about strategies and phrases to remember when we are finding something challenging.

Here we are creating our posters! 


The results are in for our pupil well-being survey! The school council were delighted with the results. 


Out and About. 

A huge big thank you to everyone that took part in our pupil well-being survey this week. We will be out and about over the next week, so look out for the clipboards and come and join in!



The School Council did a fantastic job

introducing anti-bullying week today.

The assembly that School Council created had everyone watching intently as we made a cake! We had a few laughs along the way! But most importantly, we got across the very important message that we are all different, we are all unique and we are all equal. This week we are going to be discussing the fact that we all have the right to be ourselves without the fear that people will be unkind to us.


Teachers are on the lookout for children that are displaying kindness towards others, celebrating our uniqueness and accepting each other’s differences. School council decided that anyone showing kindness will receive a raffle ticket and Mrs Gill will draw a name from the hat next Monday to find out which child has won the kindness award. YOU HAVE TO BE IN IT TO WIN IT! Good luck with your mission everyone! Let’s continue to make Northway an amazing place to learn and grow.

Coming soon...


This week school council have been thinking about pupil well-being. We discussed what 'well-being' means and the council decided that they wanted to go out and survey their classmates to see if they can find ways to support well-being. We began to think of questions for our survey. We will be out and about with our survey over the coming two weeks, so look out for us!

In the meantime please have a chat with your school council about any issues you would like us to discuss or investigate... remember that we are the VOICE of Northway and we are always here to help!




Golden Time Display - Winning idea.

The children of Northway have seen all of the display ideas and have been voting for the one that will be put up into every classroom.  Well done to all the classes who came up with some fantastic ideas!  The children of Northway have decided that Year 6's idea of 'Space Mission' was their favourite and will be displayed in every classroom to monitor Golden Time.

Here is the winning idea!



Golden Time Display Ideas

Here are School Council's ideas for the Golden Time display.


Golden Time Board

School Council have decided to create a Golden Time board for every class. This will be to monitor who is getting Golden Play, who is losing some Golden Time and how much they will be losing.  School Council discussed this with their class and came up with a whole class idea.  Children will vote for their favourite idea this week!  Here are the children designing a poster to show the whole school their idea.



School Council share the Golden Time rules

School Council have now sent home a letter discussing the Golden Time rules.  The children of Northway have agreed it is only fair that children who are not making the correct choices in school should lose some of their Golden Time or all of it if their behaviour continues. Together we have agreed that the following behaviour is unacceptable

  • messing around and not concentrating in class

  • talking when teachers are talking

  • physically hurting someone on purpose

  • repeatedly being unkind or calling someone names

  • being rude and answering back.

As a school council, we have agreed that children should be given a warning before 5 minutes of their golden time is taken. If the unacceptable behaviour continues, they will continue to lose more of their golden play in 5 minute intervals. Children are able to earn their time back by making the right choices in school.  The school council have discussed this as a class and every child has signed the agreement to say they understand the rules of golden time.

School Council discuss Golden Time.

School Council are currently discussing Golden Time. School Council describe Golden Time as lots of fun activities to celebrate all of their hard work, throughout the school week. They have been agreeing rules that they feel are fair, for a happy and successful Golden Play. The School Council have discussed and agreed these rules with their peers during circle time and are currently working on a letter to send home to the parents.




School Council 2017-2018 are announced.

It was a very exciting assembly this morning as our school council members were announced!  A huge congratulations to Jak, Bobby, Jamie, Megan, Mirrame, Kyan, Frankie, James, Rose, Ellis, Faith, Jayden, Zara, Joseph and Olivia.

Here are our lovely school council members for 2017-2018.


We wasted no time and held our first meeting and discussed the School Council Constitution.  This explains how our School Council runs.



  • To give pupils the opportunity to be involved in improving school life for everyone.

  • For pupils to work as partners with staff, developing a caring school community.

  • To provide all pupils with opportunities to develop skills that will be important throughout their lives.

  • To involve pupils in solving problems and resolving conflicts.

  • The school council will be made up with representatives from each class.

  • Extra members can be co-opted if the elected membership does not reflect the school community; for instance, the ethnic groups within the school or pupils with special needs or disabilities.

  • The school council will meet every week.

  • The minutes of the meetings will be distributed to classes to make sure everyone knows about the activities of the council.

    Responsibilities of pupil councillors

  • Class representatives will report back to their class after every school council meeting.

  • Class representatives will take issues brought by their class to the school council.

  • They should put across the views of their class, not their own views.

  • If a representative misses school council meetings three times without a good reason, the class can choose to elect a new representative.

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