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Letter from Mrs McKenzie sent on 6th January 2021

Dear parents/carers,

Firstly, I want to take this opportunity to thank you for all your support so far. We are highly aware of the difficulties when trying to juggle children’s feelings about the school closure along with remote learning, then throwing your own family and work demands into the mix. It is a very stressful time and one in which we need to work together to support each other through. As parents, you may be putting yourself under immense pressure to be your child’s class teacher. This is not possible- if it was we wouldn’t be needed here in school! We know remote learning is not going to replace children being in school; nothing is. However, as you will see below we want to provide a package which balances the need for families to structure remote learning at home around their own pressures, providing the curriculum which children would have been accessing in school and most importantly regular opportunities to check in with children to support their emotional well-being. Social interaction is the thing we are all missing during these times and one we are keen to ensure we can maintain, even virtually, over these coming weeks.


Well-being Provision

The emotional needs of the pupils are paramount to us all and we want to address their individual worries, concerns, excitement (about sleeping in!) or anything else they may wish to discuss with their class teacher first. As a result, class teachers will be making individual phone calls home to your child over the coming days. Please look out for a call from a withheld number by the middle of next week. We are making individual calls first to be able to have personal chats with each child.


Following this, we are setting up class check in sessions over Zoom to enable the children to see their class teacher and others in their class. Those children accessing Key Worker/Vulnerable provision will not be part of the call as they are already in school and have the contact with children/staff here. We will use these check in sessions, not as a teaching time, but to focus on the well-being of the pupils and to emotionally engage with them. Class teachers will use the Zoom check in to chat with pupils, play games, set challenges and encourage the interaction within the group. The first Zoom will be scheduled for the end of next week and more details about this, including the Acceptable User Policy, will follow early next week. Teachers will use the first session as an opportunity to establish the rules with the pupils for when they are on the Zoom call. 

From the week beginning 18th January, we aim to provide two scheduled Zoom check ins each week for children in Reception to Year 6. Children in Nursery will have the opportunity to join one Zoom check in a week with their teachers. Please do not worry if your child cannot join the call because of your own pressures at home- we have decided to do two per week to give multiple opportunities if your child wishes to take part. The calls for each class will be scheduled at different times in case families are accessing these using one device in a household. 


Further details around how to access the call and the rules/expectations for the check in will follow next week.


To enable pupils in the Juniors to interact further with their peers and teachers, there are discussion threads each week for classes in the pupil login area of the school website. Please see the school website on the Covid menu for instructions on how to access these.


Remote Learning Provision – Week beginning 11th January


Please see the attached timetable with guidance for timings to spend on learning at home. We know everyone’s family’s circumstances are different and this timetable may not fit into how you are managing home learning. It is purely designed as a guide. We know many families are completing work at the weekend or spending one day on a whole subject. Our learning is uploaded in weekly blocks so that families have the flexibility to plan their own schedules and tackle as much as is possible given everyone’s situations.


The work for the upcoming week will be uploaded by Sunday evening on a new tab within the class page for that week’s remote learning. All previous week’s remote learning will remain on the class pages throughout the closure enabling you to access it as required.


In order to personalise the learning for our children, each week some of the teaching videos are recorded by the child’s class teacher. We have chosen to do this instead of offering a rigid timetable of zoom online lessons so that there is equality for all and as mentioned earlier providing that flexibility for families during this already difficult time. You may have concerns about your child falling behind during this latest closure. However, please remember all children across the country are in the same position. All schools are delivering remote learning and when schools reopen we will, as we always would, ensure your child makes progress and we address their personal learning needs.


All of that said, we want children and yourselves to feel as happy, settled and safe as possible whilst we ride this storm out. Please do not place undue pressure on yourselves or your family to facilitate a classroom learning environment in your homes. We are all surviving an unprecedented, emergency situation impacting on the whole country.  All we ask is that our children are happy, safe and accessing as much of the learning that you can achieve within your circumstances. You do what you need to survive!


The staff are here to support you and your child as much as possible. Please use the year group e-mails to contact with queries regarding remote learning or individual pupil’s needs. The staff will respond as soon as they can. Please appreciate they may be in school with our Key Worker/Vulnerable children at the time of your e-mail so an immediate response may not always be possible but they will respond.


Finally, I want to reassure that you are doing enough. You are, and will always be, your child’s primary educator so you make the decisions as to what is appropriate to complete and when. You are facilitating remote learning that we have provided in a situation that has been forced onto the nation.


Please take care and as always keep smiling!!! We have done this before and we will do it again- together as our Northway family.


Kate McKenzie and all the staff at Northway Primary School

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