The Rights Respecting School Award at Northway

What is a ‘Rights Respecting' School?

At Northway we are a ‘Rights Respecting' School. We are proud to have achieved our Level 1 award (June 2016 – report can be downloaded at the bottom of this page) and we are working towards achieving our Level 2 award. This means that we put the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) at the heart of our ethos, planning, policies and practice. The UNCRC outlines the rights that everyone under the age of 18 has and recognises that all children have the right to be treated with fairness, dignity and respect. The UNCRC states what countries must do to ensure that all children have access to their rights. Please download the convention to read about all of the rights in more detail.

A rights respecting school not only teaches about children’s rights but also models rights and respect in all its relationships: between all staff and pupils, pupils and the wider world and between the pupils themselves.

Run by children, for children

Because children have the right to have their opinions heard and taken seriously, it is only right that the children are the driving force behind the Rights Respecting Schools Award (RRSA). Each class, from Year 1/2 to Year 6, vote for a member of their class to be on the ‘Rights Council’. These children are responsible for promoting rights in their classes and across the wider school. The Rights Council meet weekly to discuss any RRSA business and often lead whole school assemblies. For 2017/18 the Rights Council members are:

Y1/2- Poppy

Y2- Peter

Y3- Isla

Y3/4- Ella

Y4- Adam

Y5- Amy

Y5/6- Poppy

Y6- Eve

Aims for 2017/18

  • To achieve our Level 2 award
  • Develop links with the community and make a positive contribution
  • Make sure every adult and child in our school knows about children’s rights


What did the Rights Council do last year?

Promoting RRSA across the school 

To raise awareness of rights across the school, the Rights Council came up with a way to celebrate those people in our school who respect each others' rights. There is a 'shout out wall' in both halls where children and adults can write a shout out to celebrate how we respect rights at Northway. Some of the reasons that children have been put on the shout out wall are: 

respecting the right to frienship by looking after people who were alone or upset

respecting the right to a clean environment by picking up litter from the playground 

respecting the right to an education by trying their best in every lesson 


The Rights Council have joined forces with the Rotary Club of Maghull and Aughton to run a 'RotaKids' club. In March, we had a visit from the District Governor Molly Youd and other members of the Rotary Club who presented the children with their certificates and badges and made us an official RotaKids group. 

The aim of RotaKids is to provide young people with the opportunities to participate enthusiastically in active citizenship to improve the quality of life for their school, local and global communities. We felt that the work done by a RotaKids club would link closely to our work on promoting rights in our school as well as around the world. 

Our first project is all about collecting ringpulls! These ringpulls are sent to a factory in the Phillipeans where they are turned into beautiful pieces of jewellery and even handbags! Local people can then sell these items to earn a living.

Summer term 2017 update  

We have already collected over 3000 ringpulls! Some of these have already been sent off the Phillipeans ready to be made into jewellery and bags. Mrs Wilson, our RotaKids sponsor, recently visited the Phillipeans and the factory where they make the jewellery. She also visited the rubbish dump where many of the children live and work. It reminded us how by simply collecting ringpulls can make a big difference to these children's lives. Each ringpull is worth the equivalent of 4p!









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