Revision Pages

For the next half term, we will be setting you homework from your revision guides each Monday. These pages will need to be completed by the following Monday. 

Remember you can still attend Homework Club every Wednesday lunchtime at 12:30pm to complete this or get some extra help. 

We will record the new pages below each week. 


Week beginning 27.2.17 

Maths - 'Ratio and proportion' pages 49-50

English - Read 'The Secret Garden' and answer the questions which are on pages 28-32

SPaG - 'Active and Passive' pages 20-21


Week beginning 6.3.17

GPS - Verb tenses p.26-28 & Prepositions p.10-11

Maths Reasoning - Angles p.40-42 (Come to homework club if you need to use a protractor for Q6)

Reading - p.14 - 15


Week beginning 13.3.17

Arithmetic - p6-7 addition of whole numbers

                     p10-11 subtraction of whole numbers


Reasoning - p51-52 Algebra 


GPS - p4-5 word classes

          p14-15 modal verbs


Week beginning 20.3.17

Reading - Read the poems 'The Way Through

The Woods' and 'Friends'

Answer Qs on: p.8-9 and p.18-19

Arithmetic - Choose a topic you need to work

on based on your recent tests

Reasoning - p.48 Mean

p.46-47 Statistics


Week beginning 27.3.17

Reasoning: Transformations p.45
                    Time p.37
                    Money p.36

GPS: Conjunctions & relative pronouns p.18-19

Reading: Read Moonfleet and answers Qs on pages 11, 16, 17, 31 & 32


Easter homework 


Choose two sections you haven't already done.


Adverbs and adverbials p14-15

Expanded noun phrases p22-23

Full stops, capital letters, question marks and exclamation marks p32-33

Inverted commas p36-37


Place value and rounding p4-5
Negative numbers p6-7
Roman Numerals p8
All kinds of numbers p9-10 


Read the text ‘Olympics’ and answer the questions

Find meanings from words p10

Finding information in non-fiction p20-21

Inference in non-fiction p33-34

Revision 17.4.17

GPS - apostrophes p38-41

Reasoning - addition and subtraction p11-14

Revision - 24.4.17

Maths Reasoning - Long x and division p.15-21

                             Perimeter & area p.33-34


Reading - Read 'Love Your Heart' and answer

                Qs on pages 22, 23 & 35


GPS - Determiners p.8-9

          Adverbs & adverbials p.12-13

          Sentence types p.24-25


Arithmetic - 2 x topics of your choice


Revision - 2.5.17

Maths Reasoning - p24-28


GPS - p46-51

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