No matter how much online safety education we give our children, they may run into difficulty online. Sometimes this can be falling out with friends or a more serious issue e.g. grooming. 

As part of the online safety curriculum, all of the children are told to report anything that makes them feel uncomfortable to an adult. 

If you have concerns that your child is receiving unpleasant messages online please take a screen shot or print screen so that you have a record of the conversations that have taken place. 

If you feel that this is an issue school can support you with, contact your child's class teacher who will follow our procedures for dealing with online safety concerns. We will then support your child in dealing with this and work with you to solve the problem. 

If the problem is a more serious one, it may require police involvement. On all pages of our website you can use the Click CEOP button which is an online reporting form to share concerns with the police. You may also telephone the police if you feel that a crime has been committed. 

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