Do you ever feel like it is too hard to manage your feelings? If you do, remember to talk to a trusted adult. There is always somebody at Northway to talk to about your feelings and they will help you to feel better.


Here is a link to a video about mental health for you to watch. Click on the image below.

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Northway – The Listening School

The adults at Northway are always there to listen to you. Whether you want to tell us about the fun you have had at the weekend or talk to us about something that is worrying you. Each class has a #wishmyteacherknew display or box so you can leave messages for the adults in your class to read. They will then find time in the day to check in with you and listen!

As well as #wishmyteacherknew box we also have our Listening School sessions. These run every Wednesday lunchtime and you can come in, have some relaxation time and chat to the adults in the Listening School room.

In the juniors, every lunchtime ‘Chill & Chatter’ takes place from 12:40pm – 1pm. Come inside to chat to have a bit of chill time and chat to your friends or adults. We are all here to listen and support each other!



Below are some links to some online games or advice that you might want to look at to help you develop your managing emotions skills.

Click on the logos to get to the websites! 



Click on the Childline logo for some further advice and support: 


Try out some breathing exercises and games at the calm zone. 

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Play a game to distract yourself and take your mind off any worries!




Apps you might want to ask permission to download:

Chill Panda is an app you can play fun games and calming activities:

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This app has daily meditation and mindfulness activities

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