Welcome to the PTA section of the website. All parents and guardians of pupils automatically become members of the PTA when their child joins Northway School and we would love for as many of you as possible to get actively involved in our school. 

The P.T.A is a group of parents/guardians & teachers whose main role is to raise additional funds for the school to spend on our children now! We do this by organising various events throughout the year. These include termly school discos, Film Nights, Family Fun Nights and our extremely well supported Christmas and Summer Fairs. All of our events are well attended and we are always looking for new ideas that will widen our fund-raising horizons!

As well as the cash we raise on the day at our events, additional funds are also raised through what is known as 'match funding'. This is where a company, whose employee (a parent/guardian) has helped us to organise an event, matches the amount of money raised at the event. This funding can account for up to a third of the total amount of money raised in a year and we are always on the look out for new people who would be able to contribute in this way. Your role in this can be as large or as small as you have the time for. You can attend our termly PTA meetings, help out on a stall or at the disco or get involved in the planning and organising of one of our events. 

The P.T.A holds regular meetings throughout the year to discuss events, new ideas and what to spend the money we have raised on. The committee, teachers and parents who are interested in being involved attend P.T.A meetings. The meeting are generally about an hour long and take place near the end of the school day. Please come along - attendance at PTA meetings earns extra team points for your children!

The P.T.A committee comprises a chairperson, treasurer & a secretary. There are also voting parents, co-opted parents & auditors.

Funds raised by the PTA have purchased many important items for the school and our children.

Last year, these included: transport for year 6 residential, subsidised class school trips, playground equipment, Y6 leavers gifts & disco, revision guides, team rewards, play costumes, stage lighting and lego.

As you can see, the PTA plays an important role in school fundraising and we are always looking for new people to get involved and new ideas for fundraising. If you would like to see first hand what we do, why not come along to the next meeting. You don't have to be a performer, you can be behind the scenes, you might be able to help with match funding or you might just know the right people. Come along, we would love to see you.The list is endless and each PTA meeting yields a new “Wish list”.


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