The Reception year at Northway, is a vital year for preparing children for their future learning journey. A strong focus is placed on nurturing children to become resilient, confident and independent learners. High expectations and aspirations are set for all children to achieve their full potential and to become competent in the basic skills of reading, writing and number, so that many possibilities are made available to them as they enter the National Curriculum. We build on the prior learning and expectations set in Nursery and ensure that all our pupils are ‘school ready’ academically, personally, socially and emotionally. 

The learning journey begins by weaving personal, social and emotional developmental skills into all that we do, in order to create pupils that are ready to learn. We cultivate an ethos where pupils are emboldened to ‘have a go’, we model how to embrace new challenges and guide children to celebrate their achievements and relish new goals. Self-belief and positive attitudes underpin our foundations for learning and from here we support all pupils to achieve their full potential. PSED is taught discretely, one afternoon a week, and indirectly throughout the whole week, in the language we use, stories we read, assemblies, circle times, class attitudes and the values that we promote.

Exploration of the world around us is planned into our weekly sessions, so that the pupils develop a broad and rich knowledge base from which all future learning can be built upon. We start by learning about the immediate world around them and then branch out. The knowledge that is taught, links directly to future learning that they will encounter at Northway, so that our pupils have the prior learning to be able to continue to flourish across the school. The creative, technological and physical skills that children need to master are begun in the Reception year and all learning is linked to a theme to add purpose and meaning to all the knowledge acquired.

Carefully sequenced reading progression and systematic phonics teaching lies at the heart of our learning foundations. Daily writing sessions build on the knowledge acquired in reading and phonics, and through a range of high-quality texts, linked to our themes, the children begin to explore and develop a love of writing.

The exploration of number is planned for daily, in a series of progressive lessons, so that by the end of Reception, pupils are fluent with the value of numbers up to twenty and have strong mental recall of number bonds to ten, giving them the foundations to support their learning as they enter Year One and beyond.

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