Forest School Club and Eco Club

This year we have enrolled some new members into Northway's Eco Club. The Year 5 children were the sole year group running the club last year and they decided that they would also like some help from children in other year groups in the juniors, so the Eco members now come from across school starting from Year 2. It has been lovely to see the older, experienced Eco warriors leading our new recruits. Great team work everyone!

To help our site manager, Mr. Doyle, our BIG mission for the Eco team is to make sure our grounds are free from litter. We think this is a never-ending job as much blows in from across the field. But what a difference we are making already! We must remember to put the lid down firmly on the bins in the playground, especially on windy days! This year recycling is also being concentrated upon. In our ECO meetings we have been learning about how long certain items take to de-compose. We were concerned that plastic bottles can take up to 450 years. In school, we can play a small part to make a big difference by recycling our plastic water bottles. We hope you will at home too!



Forest Club will resume for Years 3 and 4 in the Spring term. Please look out for further notices!

We are blessed with the amazing setting our school sits in and we use the outdoors as an extension of the classroom whenever it is appropriate. We have two outdoor classrooms that are used as a base for exploring our outdoor surroundings. Nestled into our beautiful grounds, we have a small wooded area which the children refer to as "The Forest". The children love to use this area and we use the principles of "Forest Schools" to allow the children time to be with nature. Mrs Catlin runs our Forest School Club and the children have an endless amount of fun.

Our Forest Club runs each Tuesday (from end of September-mid November then from March-July) after school for Y3 and Y4 children from 3.20-4.30pm. Don't forget your wellies boys and girls, your coat and maybe some gloves. Our rule is......DON'T FORGET TO WIPE YOUR FEET AND WASH YOUR HANDS!

A Forest school approach is a unique philosophy and approach to outdoor play and learning. It involves using the environment and natural resources as a free setting and stimulus for learning. Our Forest School Club aims to promote confidence, achievement, motivation, independence, empathy, social skills and self-esteem. In a forest school programme, children regularly visit the same outdoor area and learn about the natural environment, how to solve problems and handle risks - all at age appropriate levels. There is a focus of play allowing the children time for exploration and child-initiated learning whilst also teaching new skills. The key elements are that it is repetitive, happens in a natural space and there is a focus on the process rather than the product.

So what activities might the children take part in?

  • Explore
  • Play games
  • Find things
  • Work together
  • Build shelters
  • Climb
  • Make art from nature
  • Dig (make potions and muddy puddles)
  • Play in the mud kitchen
  • Use tools
  • Light fires and cook!



At Northway we care a lot about our school environment and the impact we are having on the planet. Currently we have achieved the Eco Silver Award for promoting Eco awareness across school and we are taking steps everyday to help make our world a better place.

We have a team of pupils who help Mrs Catlin to conduct energy saving audits each lunchtime and check which classrooms and other areas of the school are supporting our Eco Club’s ethos of saving energy! They look out for lights being left on, taps dripping, they check our recycle boxes have the correct materials in them and that no computers or board projectors are left on! The Eco-Committee meets at least once every half term and the pupils take a significant amount of responsibility for running the committee and suggesting further ideas to incorporate into daily life at Northway.

Each class is currently working towards linking eco aspects such as sustainability into the curriculum in order to give eco issues an even higher profile at school. Our children participate in eco related assemblies and our pupils are on a mission to support recycling in their own homes and turn off appliances and lights when not in use


Thank you to everybody who sent in their cards to recycle. Across school we collected 14 stones in weight! Our cards were recycled in connection with The Woodland Trust.

RECYCLED BOTTLE TOPS ANIMAL SCULPTURE- please read the attached information about a great initiative we are taking part in to enhance our local community.

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