Y6 - Miss Stupples 2019 - 2020

Miss Stupples


My name is Miss Stupples and I teach Year 6 along with Mr Ray, who supports our class. I have been a member of the teaching staff at Northway since 2011. Before this, I taught at another school in Sefton in both Infants and Upper Juniors. I also completed a Masters degree in Creative Education whilst teaching there. As well as teaching Year 6, I am also responsible for leading English across the school.  Northway has always been a special place to me as I attended this school myself! It has gone from strength to strength over the years and it has always had the children's well-being at the centre of every decision.


Links for Learning


Bug Club (school code kqax)  https://www.activelearnprimary.co.uk/

Check if a book has a quiz to go with it https://www.arbookfind.co.uk/

Accelerated Reader Quiz https://Ukhosted110.renlearn.co.uk/2243135

Online Library https://readon.myon.co.uk/library/browse.html



Times Tables Rockstars https://play.ttrockstars.com/  

Top Marks Maths Games https://www.topmarks.co.uk/  

Numberbots https://play.numbots.com/#/intro using your TTRockstars username and password


All Subjects:

The DfE National Oak Academy: https://www.thenational.academy/online-classroom

To use this website, select the year group or schedule and the activity you would like to use. It will give a list of equipment and some worksheets. You will need a device to view the lessons.

BBC Bitesize Daily Learning: https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/dailylessons

To use this website, select the year group you need and the lesson you would like to complete. You will need a device to view the lessons.


Some children may have accounts for the following (your child will know if they have previously used this in school):

Doodle https://www.doodlemaths.com/  

IDL https://appuk.idlsgroup.com/#/login  

Nessy https://learn.nessy.com/account/login#/accountLogin  


Home Learning Week Beginning 6th July



Below are a range of resources designed for parents to help support both you and your child with the transition to high school and important areas of the science and PSHE curriculum.

If you haven't confirmed your child's attendance to the Leavers' Celebration on Friday 17th July, please do so, as as soon as possible, by email to year6@northwayprimary.co.uk. We need confirmation even if your child is currently attending school.


Year 6 Leavers

Thank you to everyone who emailed in photos and videos for our Leavers' Celebration!

This week, we are asking that you film yourself doing a TikTok dance (Please keep the video to under 20 seconds). This is only if you want to! Please send these to year6@northwayprimary.co.uk by Thursday 9th July. Unfortunately, anything received after this date will not be included.


If you are attending the Leavers' Celebration, you will need to make a tag which you will attach to your balloon. This should be made from a small piece of paper or card and have a hole punched in it (so you can attach it to a balloon). On this, you can write your hopes and dreams for the future and decorate it however you wish. Please bring this tag to the Leavers' Celebration on Friday 17th July- we do not need it sent into school before this.


Year 6 Transition


Moving to high school is a big change in your life and it is normal that you will have mixed feelings about it.

For the next two weeks, there are PowerPoints and a booklet for you to work through which have lots of advice and activities designed to prepare you for the transition to high school. See below for ‘Be Awesome, Go Big!’ resources.


Have a look at the transition information and activities provided by the high school you will be attending.

Deyes https://www.deyeshigh.co.uk/our-school/message-to-primary-students/transition-from-primary-school/

Maghull http://www.maghullhigh.com/transition/

Maricourt https://www.maricourt.net/about/parents/transition-2020

Range http://www.range.sefton.sch.uk/year-6-transition-information/

Bluecoat https://www.bluecoatschoolliverpool.org.uk/school-life-2/school-day/


Please find all of our home learning for this week below. Remember to do what you can and always do your best. We know you are working hard.




Teacher Feedback Task: Write/type up your report and send it to year6@northwayprimary.co.uk if you would like teacher feedback.

This week, you will be writing a report.

Look at the genre features checklist or WAGOLL (What a good one looks like) to remind youself what should be included in your piece. You can choose any topic that interests you or link it to this week’s learning in the other subjects.

  • Remember, we first plan the structure and content (words or phrases to include).
  • After we write, we edit basics such as spelling and punctuation and then improve the sentence or overall structure of the text.
  • Finally, you can copy it up neatly to practise your handwriting.


Reading Comprehension:

Year 6 Women’s Football

All About Garden Birds Comprehension

  • Remember, read the text first and text mark as you go (a few words to remind you what each paragraph is about and underline any words which you are unsure about).
  • When you read the questions, underline the key words and then scan for them in the text to find the answer (your text marking will help you locate the part you need rather then re-reading the whole text every time).
  • For longer questions, make sure you write a pint and the evidence to back it up.
  • After you have written your answer, make sure you read the question and answer together to ensure it matches.
  • Don’t forget to copy accurately from the text.


SPAG: Complete the SPaG Mat to recap Year 6 objectives (answers are attached).  Remember, you can use your Year 6 SPaG Revision Guide or the BBC Bitesize website to support you with any concepts you find tricky!

Year 6 Guided Grammar PowerPoint. Work through this by reading and completing each slide. This is an interactive PowerPoint so you will need to complete it on a device rather than printing it out.



This week, you will look at synonyms and antonyms.

Keep learning and revising all the Y5 and 6 Words. These are attached below and there is an activity to go with them each week.

Use the rest of your Read Write Inc book to complete the activities that we usually do together.



This week we will be looking at arithmetic skills. The lesson sheets are attached in the ‘Documents for Download’ section below but please watch the videos below which support each sheet.
Lesson 1 - https://vimeo.com/434743751
Lesson 2 - https://vimeo.com/434744388
Lesson 3 - https://vimeo.com/434744723
Lesson 4 - https://vimeo.com/434746112

Answer sheets are alo attached, but please be aware that there may be more than one possible answer for some questions.



This week we are going to learn about why the moon seems to change shape. Follow the links to help you complete the worksheets.






This week we are going to look at how the Ancient Greeks have affected modern life. Follow the links to learn more, then make a list of Greek influences on modern life. What surprised you most?





Look at all the work you have created and the powerpoint to revisit the Art of Georgia O’Keefe. https://www.tate.org.uk/kids/explore/who-is/who-georgia-okeeffe


Use the websites to find out more about her life. Make a poster, fact file or powerpoint to teach your family about her.

Have a look on https://www.youtube.com/user/DoodleChaos .This has lots of different classical pieces that have been animated called Line Rider. Choose a piece of music you like and create a picture of pattern based on what you can hear and how it makes you feel. Think about when we did this in our music lessons when listening to Holst’s Planet Suite.


Create something! Print out the files below to make a bookmark or bunting for yourself or someone at home – you could decorate your bedroom!


TT Rockstars

The winning classes from last week were Mr Wright’s class, Mrs Phillips' class, Mr Seery's class and Miss Stupples' class. Congratulations to them! This week’s brand new battle will start on Monday 6th July at 9:30am and will finish on Saturday 11th July at 9:30am. The fixtures for this week are:


1.     Mrs Catlin (Y2) vs Mr Wright (Y2)   


2.     Mrs Shimmin/ Mrs O’Connor (Y3) vs Mr Seery (Y4) 


3.     Mrs Phillips (Y3/4) vs Mr Tomkinson (Y5/6) 


4.     Mrs Farrington (Y5) vs Miss Stupples (Y6)



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