Y5/6 - Mr Tomkinson 2019 - 2020

Mr Tomkinson


My name is Mr Tomkinson and I teach in Year 5/6 with the support of Mrs Maurer. I am currently covering Mrs Collins' maternity leave. I moved to Sefton in August 2019. Prior to that, I spent 5 years teaching in a school in Hertfordshire following my degree in Primary Education at Middlesex University. I have particular interests in Computing and P.E., both of which are subjects I have previously lead. I am excited to be working alongside the dedicated staff and enthusiastic children of Northway Primary School.

Daily Home Learning Plan 


Links for Learning


Bug Club (school code kqax)  https://www.activelearnprimary.co.uk/

Check if a book has a quiz to go with it https://www.arbookfind.co.uk/

Accelerated Reader Quiz https://Ukhosted110.renlearn.co.uk/2243135

Online Library https://readon.myon.co.uk/library/browse.html



Times Tables Rockstars https://play.ttrockstars.com/  

Top Marks Maths Games https://www.topmarks.co.uk/  

Numberbots https://play.numbots.com/#/intro using your TTRockstars username and password


All Subjects:

The DfE National Oak Academy: https://www.thenational.academy/online-classroom

To use this website, select the year group or schedule and the activity you would like to use. It will give a list of equipment and some worksheets. You will need a device to view the lessons.

BBC Bitesize Daily Learning: https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/dailylessons

To use this website, select the year group you need and the lesson you would like to complete. You will need a device to view the lessons.


Some children may have accounts for the following (your child will know if they have previously used this in school):

Doodle https://www.doodlemaths.com/  

IDL https://appuk.idlsgroup.com/#/login  

Nessy https://learn.nessy.com/account/login#/accountLogin  


Home Learning Week Beginning 29th

Year 6 Leavers

As part of our plans to celebrate our Y6 children, we are hoping to produce a leavers' video and an autograph book for the children to enjoy. In order to put these together, we are asking for some help.


Could you please:

  • Record a short video (max 30 seconds) of the children answering either of the following questions:

1. What is your favourite/most significant memory (make it appropriate!) from your time at Northway Primary School?

2. What does Northway mean to you. Link your answer to the letters of NORTHWAY e.g. O is for Outstanding lessons, helping us learn and flourish. or T is for exciting Trips to Liverpool Museum, Underwater Street and Manchester Museum.


  • Write a short message to the class to put in the autograph books. This must be hand written, small enough to fit on an A6 page, and signed. Then take a photo and send it to the address below.


  • Send in a photo of your Year 6 on their first day of school/nursery, or as close as you can find (even if this wasn't at Northway).


If your child has returned to school, please only send the photograph as the other activities will be carried out in school.

Could you please send these to year6@northwayprimary.co.uk by Thursday 2nd July. Unfortunately, anything received after this date will not be included.


Year 6 Transition

Have a look at the transition information and activities provided by the high school you will be attending.

Deyes https://www.deyeshigh.co.uk/our-school/message-to-primary-students/transition-from-primary-school/

Maghull http://www.maghullhigh.com/transition/

Maricourt https://www.maricourt.net/about/parents/transition-2020


Moving to high school is a big change in your life and it is normal that you will have mixed feelings about it. Below are sessions provided by our school nurse to help you manage these feelings. Any activities suggested, can be completed on plain paper.

Part 1 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FM3HBTU_3O8

Part 2 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=97OcFdB-gwg  


Please find all of our home learning for this week below. Remember to do what you can and always do your best. We know you are working hard.



This week, you will be writing a recount. This can be about anything you have done during lockdown,or even before that if you have a favourite memory from a holiday, birthday or day out you would like to write about.

Look at the genre features checklist or WAGOLL (What a good one looks like) to remind yourself what should be included in your piece. You can choose any topic that interests you or link it to this week’s learning in the other subjects.

  • Remember, we first plan the structure and content (words or phrases to include).
  • After we write, we edit basics such as spelling and punctuation and then improve the sentence or overall structure of the text.
  • Finally, you can copy it up neatly to practise your handwriting.


Reading Comprehension

This week Year 6 will be reading about The Origins of Football

Year 5 will be reading about The Changing Police

  • Remember, read the text first and text mark as you go (a few words to remind you what each paragraph is about and underline any words which you are unsure about).
  • When you read the questions, underline the key words and then scan for them in the text to find the answer (your text marking will help you locate the part you need rather then re-reading the whole text every time).
  • For longer questions, make sure you write a pint and the evidence to back it up.
  • After you have written your answer, make sure you read the question and answer together to ensure it matches.
  • Don’t forget to copy accurately from the text!



Complete the SPaG Mat to recap Year 6 objectives (answers are attached).  Remember, you can use your Year 6 SPaG Revision Guide or the BBC Bitesize website to support you with any concepts you find tricky!

  • Year 6 Guided Grammar PowerPoint. Work through this by reading and completing each slide. This is an interactive PowerPoint so you will need to complete it on a device rather than printing it out.



This week, you will look at…

Keep learning and revising all the Y5 and 6 Words. These are attached below and there is an activity to go with them each week. This week is….

Use the rest of your Read Write Inc book to complete the activities that we usually do together.



Teacher Feedback Task – Pick any maths sheet to send to year5@northwayprimary.co.uk or year6@northwayprimary.co.uk if you would like some teacher feedback.

This week, Year 5 will be working on angles, particularly measuring angles.
Year 6 will be working on Co-ordinates, Reflection and Translation.
*Correction* The videos on WhiteRose are on Ratio and Proportion; however, you have already done these sheets. So I have uploaded sheets on Co-ordinates and the videos to match are below:






The lesson sheets are attached in the ‘Documents for Download’ section below but please see the website for videos that accompany each lesson.


Answer sheets are also attached, but please be aware that there may be more than one possible answer for some questions.



Follow the links to learn about why we have seasons.




Complete the worksheet to show that you understand why we have seasons.



This week we are going to look at Ancient Greek philosophy. This means: The study of knowledge, or "thinking about thinking”. (The love of wisdom’)


has an introduction to some Greek Philosophers. Choose four of the quotations from the resources below and discuss with someone at home what you think they mean. Then choose your favourite one and make yourself a sign with it written on.


Look again at the abstract powerpoint and make some decisions about how you will colour your work. If you have paints, you might like to mix lots of shades and tones of the same colour or choose complimentary colours. If you are using pastels of crayons, thin k about how to vary the pressure to create different effects.



Look at the PowerPoint below. Have a relax while looking at the calming scenes and listening to the sounds.



This half term, we will be looking at the life and music of 'Queen'. Read the PowerPoint below to find out about them and listen to this week's song ‘I Want to Break Free’.


Times Table Rockstars

Read the 'TTRS Rock Slams and Battle Of The Bands' document in the 'Files To Download' section and have a go at these new challenges. Remember to also play on the 'Studio' games regularly because the best scores from each week will appear on the Northway Leaderboard. You can check out last week's Top 10 here: http://www.northwayprimary.co.uk/page/times-table-rock-stars-leader-board/45101

The winning classes from last week were Mr Wright’s class, Mr Seery's class, Mrs Farrington's class and Mr Tomkinson's class. Congratulations to them! This week’s brand new battle will start on Monday 29th June at 9:30am and will finish on Saturday 4th July at 9:30am. The fixtures for this week are:


1.     Mrs Catlin (Y2) vs Miss Stupples (Y6)  


2.     Mr Wright (Y2) vs Mrs Farrington (Y5) 


3.     Mr Seery (Y4) vs Mr Tomkinson (Y5/6) 


4.     Mrs Shimmin/ Mrs O’Connor (Y3) vs Mrs Phillips (Y3/4)

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