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Mrs Catlin


Hello I’m Mrs Catlin, I have been at Northway since September 1995! I have had the privilege of teaching so many wonderful children over the years and I remember all their names and faces!  My time at University (John Moores, Liverpool) seems a long time ago now and I studied a BSc (Hons) Child Psychology followed by a P.G.C.E. for teaching ages 3-8 years.

As well as teaching my class I am also responsible for leading Geography throughout the school and promoting Eco issues and outdoor learning. I thoroughly enjoy taking groups of children out for Forest School activities and we’re lucky to have such super, safe grounds to work in all year round. Please look at our Eco and Forest School pages to find out more.


Links For Learning

The following websites are fantastic resources you should try and use as regularly as possible to support your learning.


BBC Bitesize Daily Learning - https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/dailylessons 

The DfE National Oak Academy - https://www.thenational.academy/online-classroom


Y2 Accelerated Reader Book Finder - https://www.arbookfind.co.uk/

Y2 Accelerated Reader Quiz - https://Ukhosted110.renlearn.co.uk/2243135

Y1/2 Bug Club (individual log-in details required) - https://www.activelearnprimary.co.uk/login?e=-1&c=0#bugclub

Online Library - https://readon.myon.co.uk/library/browse.html


Y2 Numbots (individual log-in details required) - https://play.numbots.com/#/intro 

Y2 Times Tables Rockstars (individual log-in details required) - https://play.ttrockstars.com/  

Y1/2 Top Marks Maths Games - https://www.topmarks.co.uk/

Specific Pupil Resources

The following resources are only available to a limited number of specific pupils:

Doodle Maths - https://www.doodlemaths.com/             

IDL - https://appuk.idlsgroup.com/#/login  

Nessy - https://learn.nessy.com/account/login#/accountLogin  


This week’s inspiration: 13th July 2020

There is no teacher feedback task this week but thank you to those of you that have emailed work to us in previous weeks. It was so lovely to see how hard you have been working at home.


Writing: This week we would like you to write a set of instructions that tell me how to do something. It could be for a game you like to play or something you like to do or cook. Please look in the files to download section for some ideas as to what a good set of instructions might sound and look like. (WAGOLL)

In addition to your instructions, there is also a handwriting task for you to complete and a spelling, punctuation and grammar task in which you have to complete six different activities on each sheet. There are 3 sheets in total and each one gets progressively harder so see how far you can get!

For reading this week, there are two texts for you to read and answer questions about.                                                                                                                                           

Year 1 Non-fiction- Celebrating the NHS and fiction- The Lion and the Mouse                               

Year 2 Non-fiction- Celebrating the NHS and two short fiction pieces to read called Martha’s Hedgehog Diary and Great Garden Birds.


Year 1 Spellings - Practise reading and writing words containing the sound for this week which is the short ‘u’ sound. Ways to write this sound are u/oul/oo/ou/o. Some examples of words containing the sounds are: lunch button under touch young oven cover other could should would took book look. How many objects with this week’s sound can you find around your house? Can you find any words containing the sound in your stories at home?  Practise writing sentences containing words with this week’s sound. Don’t forget to use a capital letter and a full stop.                                                                                                                                              

Year 2 Complete one of the units in your Read, Write Inc. booklet which was sent home. Then continue to practise the sounds and spellings you have learnt for the rest of the week.


Maths: This week’s focus is Year 1-Fractions (1/2s and 1/4s) and Year 2- Measures (Litres, Temperature and Clocks) The lesson sheets are attached in the ‘Documents for Download’ section below but please see the website for videos that accompany each lesson for Week 10 – 29nd June on the White Rose website (https://whiterosemaths.com/homelearning/). In addition to the four White Rose worksheets, there is also an 'Independent Recap' worksheet for lesson 5 which asks you questions about all of the things you have learnt this week. 


Science: Having studied plants over the past few weeks, produce a poster which includes some of the things you have learnt on this topic. Think back to the things you have been learning about each week, such as what plants need to grow and stay healthy. You could also draw pictures to represent the different stages of the life cycle of a plant. This poster is your opportunity to show off everything you have learnt about plants so remember to include facts and pictures.


Geography: Draw on what we have learnt or already know to create a fact file page about India.  Read through the India general facts power point and enjoy looking at the photos. Using the biggest piece of paper you can find your house (or maybe a few sellotaped together) create your own fact file. Remember to include some of your own brilliant drawings as well as some writing. You could also include some fact boxes for any important points. If you would rather you can fill in the sheet instead of making your own – but your ideas would be nicer!


Art/DT: Paint your happy thoughts! As we come to the end of the term in school, we would like you to paint, colour or draw a picture to show us what makes you happy. Do you have somewhere at home that is your happy place? Or maybe something special that makes you smile- this might be specific thing or a person.


PSHE: The words we use when talking to others can have a big impact on how they feel. We love to listen to people compliment us on things we have done and it is important that we are supportive to others too, celebrating their achievements. Read through the different scenarios in the ‘Making Compliments’ worksheet and, using the speech bubbles provided, write some replies you could say which compliments the other person on what they have done.


Music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nGEB9obazFs  Learn the song ‘This Little Light of Mine’.

Throughout our school closure, you have all been little lights that have shone brightly and cheered up those around you. Learn the song and sing it to someone in your house. Play the video clip to hear the music and read the lyrics sheet to help you learn the easy words.


Mindfulness: Look at the pictures and instructions to try out some children’s yoga poses. Some of them need to balance extra carefully! Can you do it? See if you can teach an adult at home to do the poses too.

Celebrations of Achievement

Year 2 TT Rock Stars  Well done Sophie B and Ethan N collecting points for our class over the last week. The winning classes from last week were Mr Wright’s class, Mrs Reardon's class, Mrs Farrington's class and Mr Tomkinson's class. Congratulations to them! This week’s brand new battle will start on Monday 13th July at 9:30am and will finish on Saturday 18th July at 9:30am. The fixtures for this week are:

1.     Mrs Catlin (Y2) vs Mrs Shimmin/ Mrs O’Connor (Y3) 

2.     Mrs Phillips (Y3/4) vs Mrs Reardon (Y4) 

3.     Mrs Farrington (Y5) vs Mr Tomkinson (Y5/6) 

4.     Miss Stupples (Y6) vs Mr Wright (Y2) 

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